Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remaster Of X-1 The Old Die Rich, written by H. L. Gold

So for the first story I pick in more than a year its going to be something timely . . . and about time. Time, starvation, depression (the financial kind), yup perfect note to restart on. Written by H. L. Gold, The Old Die Rich follows the investigations of an actor and sometime P.I. who tries to discover why elderly people are turning up dead, starved to death, when they have bank books showing tens-of-thousands of dollars in their accounts.

He discovers a woman with an interesting scheme, and gets sent back in time to 1931 (note the bank clerk who says on May 15 of 1931, "this temporary recession is bound to abate, sound banking policies will see us through."). One side effect of this form of time travel leaves one with a hunger for more.

While not exactly a god of the golden age, H. L. Gold founded Galaxy Magazine, still regarded as one of the best fiction magazines of its or any time. Galaxy Magazine took Science Fiction in the direction sociology, phsychology and philosophy, paving the way for the fantasical and mind-bending writing of later decades.

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