Wednesday, April 4, 2012

78RPM Video Records - Yes, They Did Exist! - No, This Isn't An April Fools Joke - That's Why I'm Posting This On The 4th.

This video is from a website, TV Dawn.  The site has not been updated since 2007, and extended video taken from the handful of 78 RPM video records created between 1927 and the early 1930s are no longer for sale.  The video here is from a 2002 lecture by the engineer who recovered video from the records, and includes some scenes taken off the records.

The 78RPM video record, which was called Phonovision, was the brain child of the primary developer and inventor of British television, John Logie Baird.  He envisioned a home recording system for television from the very beginnings of the birth of television in the UK, and he got as far as a handful of experiments and proof-of-concept records. 

Another Interesting Invention Of Baird's

Here is a newspaper article from the Ogden Standard Examiner, March 5, 1927.  The article is in the middle of the left side page, titled "Black Light May Now Make War Impossible".

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