Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Remaster of X-Minus 1 Episodes, written by Philip K Dick

While tens of thousands mp3's of OTR radio shows exist out there on the internet, more than half of them are unlistenable. X-Minus 1 has some of the poorer audio quality of the any of the series that circulate. Unfortunate, as it is one of the best. Sci-Fi legends had written many of the scripts, and the series stands up today as engaging and entertaining. So I've taken two of my favorites, both by my favorite Science Fiction writer, Philip K Dick, and remastered them for the clearest possible audio. My goal is to provide shows where each actor's voice can be heard at a level volume, and I think I've done this, though because of unevenness in the original recording, some voices come across as tinny.

For those who don't know Philip Dick, he is likely the third largest Science Fiction movie franchise behind Star Wars and Star Trek. Nicholas Cage's new movie, Next, is based on his story "The Golden Man". Last year A Scanner Darkly was released. Blade Runner and Total Recall were based on his novels. Through the nineties his name on the screen brought loud applause and cheers. His stories still bring in movie goers, but now his name tends to be buried in the credits and brings only scattered applause. Seems the public mind is too full of other celebrities to include mere writers anymore. I'll bet you a nail from my coffin that one hundred years from now the designer who does the background color shading in the third remake of the Harry Potter series will have bigger credits than JK Rowling.

All my remastered files will be kept at the top of the blog until such time that I make so many I'll have to move them to another page.

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