Friday, May 25, 2007

WJSV Complete Broadcast Day Remaster

I'll be getting back to Science Fiction soon, but I took on this project, and interested or not, here it is. All 19 hours, slightly high on the reverb, but the original files didn't offer much to work with. They actually reported a 0kbps bit rate. Never seen that before. How is that done?

The radio station got a bit of a boost when I broadcast it for three days straight last week, about a half dozen listeners spent five hours or more with it. So I'm not the only one who finds this fascinating. Less than a hundred years ago, this broadcast feels like Science Fiction, another planet, aliens. I was born smack in the middle of then and now. Does anyone who might have heard this original broadcast feel like they're living on another planet?

Download is located at the top of the blog.

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